NASA to Study Water around the World from Space

A NASA-led international mission launched a radar satellite from southern California early on Friday. The satellite will be involved in a major project to research the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers. The satellite is called SWOT, short for Surface Water and Ocean Topography. It is designed to give scientists a never-before-seen view of Earth’s water,…

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2022: A Year for Clean Energy

More governments increased plans to support renewable energy and reduce emissions from fossil fuels, like oil and gas, in 2022. In India, the government plans to send $2.6 billion to support the manufacture of equipment used for solar energy. Companies like Renew Power hope to gain from the plan. The energy company has over 100 clean energy…

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Study Finds Earliest Evidence of Cooking

A recent study found what could be the earliest known evidence of ancient cooking: the leftovers of a fish dinner from 780,000 years ago. Cooking helped change our ancestors. It helped fuel our evolution and gave us bigger brains. Later, cooking would become central to the eating celebrations that brought communities together. The new study,…

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Climate Change Causes City Trees to Struggle

Life in a city can be especially hard for a tree. Buildings, pollution, poor soil, insects, and even car crashes can add to tree loss. Now, the warming climate is making a tree’s life even harder. Between 2016 and 2021, a report from the city of Seattle in Washington state said the city lost about 255 hectares…

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US Says Climate Change Is Threatening Emperor Penguins

The U.S. wildlife agency says Antarctica’s emperor penguins are now threatened because of the effects of climate change. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently issued a warning that the species is in danger of disappearing, or becoming extinct, if steps are not taken to protect it. The declaration officially calls for protections of emperor penguins under…

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