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What Are AI Chips?

Some kinds of computer chips have gained attention recently because they are used in computers linked to artificial intelligence (AI). Some experts describe AI chips as similar to graphics chips that speed up complex video games. Makers of AI chips say they are designed for AI systems like ChatGPT and will make them faster and less costly. The sudden…

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US, China Study Possible Rules for Artificial Intelligence

Both the United States and China are considering possible security policies aimed to control the creation of artificial intelligence, or AI. The Biden administration is seeking public comments on rules for guiding the artificial intelligence industry. China’s internet supervisor recently announced proposed laws related to AI. ChatGPT is a new AI program that has captured wide…

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Experts: Human Involvement Can Help Prevent AI Mistakes

Security experts say artificial intelligence (AI) systems used by businesses can make serious, costly mistakes. But one way to avoid such mistakes is for companies to employ humans to closely watch the AI. One example of AI problems that can affect businesses happened early in the COVID-19 pandemic. It involved the credit scoring company Fair Isaac Corporation,…

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